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Fully guided black bear hunts
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Hello:  My name is JR Sikkila. I own and run UP Bearguides with my partner, Mike Franti.  Both Mike and I are lifelong residents of Baraga County and are experienced woodsmen.  I have been a guide for 10 years,I guide in the Baraga and Amasa hunt units in Upper Michigan and I run all deep woods baits (approximately 45 minutes one way).  I will bring you out to your hunting spot on my UTV (Yamaha Rhino) and pick you up after the hunt  After your successful hunt, I will  track and get your bear out.  I  have many baits to choose from and the wind will decide on what baits we will hunt for the evening.  I also have called in and harvested bears.  This may be an option for you as opposed to hunting from a bait.  A predator hunt, free of charge, is included in your hunt.   Feel free to drop me a line and enjoy the trail cam photos and successful hunter photos.  I will update photos regularly during the pre-season via trail cams.  Baiting starts Aug 10 Th.


HomeTrailcam photosContact MeFavorite Links